Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

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What are Dental Composites?

A composite filling is composed of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture, which is used to save decayed teeth. There are various kinds of composites like gold, porcelain, amalgam, and tooth-colored plastic or composite resin.

Composites help in the improvement of the aesthetics of a smile by recoloring or reshaping ill-figured teeth. Fillings are complex. There are direct fillings, which are filled directly into the cavity, and there are indirect fillings, where the teeth impressions are taken and customized fillings are created to fix it. A wide range of colors are available for different tooth shades making it appear almost natural and closer to the previous tooth shade.

Where are Dental Composites used?

There are five places of the tooth where a filling can be done that is the distal, occlusal, buccal, mesial, and lingual or palatal areas. Our mouth is divided into two parts and they are known as the interior portion and the posterior portion. Anterior portion of the mouth is the part that is closer to the front. Therefore the teeth that is right in front of the mouth falls under the anterior part. And the rest of it is included in the posterior part. The composite tooth-colored resin is used for the damage on the areas of the anterior and the posterior part.

Direct dental composites is done with the help of handheld curing light held close to the resin surface with a shield placed in between the light tip and the operator's eye and they are used for filling gaps between teeth, cavity preparations, minor reshaping of a tooth, for partial crowns on single teeth. Whereas the indirect dental composites are capable of high intensity and energy compared to handheld lights. They are used for cavity fillings, filling gaps between teeth, teeth reshaping, and full or partial crowns on a single tooth. They are strong and enduring.

Are composite resins a better choice?

The filings are used to bond to the tooth structure, which makes it strong and restores the integrity of the damaged or decayed teeth. The fillings are bonded to the teeth in such a way that there is no need for the creation of retentive features for the destruction of healthy teeth. As opposed to the amalgam fillings, composite fillings are bonded to the teeth. They are less expensive and do not require tooth removal. In some instances, with the help of composites, you can preserve a tooth that could not have been rescued with amalgam restoration like the chipped, broken, or worn out teeth. When there is a minor damage to a composite filling, it is easy to repair it with extra composite.

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