Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

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What is Endodontic Treatment?

An endodontic treatment, also known as the root canal treatment, involves dental procedures to treat the infected pulp present near or below the tooth. This infected pulp can cause further infections but an endodontic treatment will protect it from future infections. A root canal is a space inside the roots of the teeth and it contains the pulp chamber.

In an endodontic treatment, the infected soft tissue pulp structures are removed to clean, reshape and detoxify the unwanted fillings as well as irritation causing components. It is the infected portion of the mouth that causes most of the pain in the patient’s mouth and endodontic treatment helps in getting rid of this pain. After an endodontic treatment, that particular area might still be mildly sensitive for a while and your dentist will suggest medication if it is required. Anesthesia is usually given during the process of an endodontic treatment.

Do you need an Endodontic Treatment?

Severe teeth pain often indicates complex oral problems but not all tooth pain would imply that you need an endodontic treatment or root canal.

Here are some signs that could suggest that one needs a root canal:

  • If you experience severe tooth pain while chewing or biting or when you place pressure with the tip of your finger on the specific region with puss formation.
  • When you feel extreme sensitivity to cold and hot food items or beverages.
  • When there has been puss formation and swelling in the gums for days.
  • Your tooth color appears to be darker.
  • A pimple has formed on the gums nearby the region where it hurts.

If you have been experiencing some of these signs, it’s time for you to go for a dental checkup and your dentist will help determine whether you need an endodontic treatment or not.

What happens in the Endodontic Treatment procedure?

After the x-rays have been taken to detect the area requiring a root canal, the dentist gives the patient a local anesthesia. Then, pulpectomy is performed wherein the severely damage, infected or diseased pulp is opened, removed and cleaned. Along with the pulp, the nerve tissue and some other parts that need to be extracted are removed to avoid bacterial infection. The roots that have been opened up are cleaned and it is filled with gutta-percha after which the area is sealed with cement.

What happens if I do not want to undergo the Endodontic Treatment?

If your dentist has suggested endodontic treatment but you are planning to skip the treatment because your infected area is not really causing any pain, please note that the tooth still needs a root canal or the near by tissues will get infected too. Doing the treatment now will reduce your future dental bills.

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